Meet Jenny Fresh! 

Hey Mama Hey!!! It’s ya girl Jenny Fresh, I am the founder of Mama Fresh.

Mama Fresh is for  “women about town”. Before we became Mamas we were brunching on rooftops, attending a speaking engagement of our favorite author, dancing in the front row at a concert. We don’t want our lives to change, just evolve!  After having your baby, you don’t have to go into hiding and we are here to help you.  We are creating a movement! We are building a community!
A Mama’s time is precious and we know how much effort and time it takes to get to an event nevertheless on time! We will make her time worth it. Our events are meetings with a purpose. After attending each event our Mamas leave with a fresh tool to take home to use with their babies right away.

My vision is for Mama Fresh to create and ignite a diverse community where Mamas are celebrated. I am here to empower Mamas to pack up their little ones and explore the city!

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  1. My daughter in law needs your positive motivation. She lives in Oklahoma city. The baby is 2 months old

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