Fresh Tips on Throwing a 1st Birthday Party

As ObieQ’s first birthday approached instead of high fiving myself on everyone being alive…I found myself scrolling the rabbit hole of websites: Pinterest! Everyone was asking

Mama that is fancy AF: “What are you doing for his birthday?”

Me: “Pouring myself a glass a wine to Congratulate myself”

Mama that is fancy AF: “Have you found a baker yet for the cake”

Me: “Costco does birthday cakes, right?”

and my favorite “What is your theme? I was chose Inside a Midsummer Dream Wonderland but I’m sure whatever you choose is fine”

*Insert massive eyeroll here*

This birthday was coming so I got in formation and started planning!

The theme of ObieQ’s party was a music fest, we called it QChella. He really enjoys taking music classes, attending concerts and playing instruments. He plays a mean kazoo! So it was the perfect fit. I am sharing pics from Q’s party and the 5 tips that I recommend to help you plan a party that you will be proud of!

  1. Get Organized!

Lists help me keep my thoughts in line and my anxiety in check. I used to keep my handy dandy notebook with me and write down every fleeting idea. Well, the times have changed but my need for for lists have not. Google Docs is now my BFF (sorry Hubby). I created a spreadsheet with shopping lists for every store (Target, Costco, Dollar Tree etc..), supply lists to help me pack the night before, and a list of who was helping and in which section. Another benefit is I was able to send to my super creative SIL and organized Sistafriend for them both to give me a second set of eyes. If you think this is extreme, THINK AGAIN Mama! Have you ever walked into the grocery store, only to realize you left your list at home? Well Mama I am talking to you, hop on board

2. Create Stations/Zones

This is from my retail days, but I love to breakdown a big party to smaller stations. This helps keep the party going, kids interested, if you have any friends helping it’s easier to give direction. For QChella my stations were Greeter, Snack Bar, Happy Tattoo Station, Arts & Crafts, and Photo Opp. I also love signs everywhere, below is a sign that told guests what to expect!

    3.  Personal Touches

I love when there are small touches at a party that gives you a clue into the host personality. I am not a fan of favor bags. Instead we handed out Swag Bags that included everything you needed to kick it at a festival and full of things Q enjoys. We had your VIP badge, kazoo, sunglasses (and one pair for your Fresh Mama/Papa), bubbles and fruit snacks. Inflatable duck bathtubs as coolers for juice boxes and apple juice pouches at the snack bar.  We also brought tons of items from Q’s bedroom, his teepee, floor pillows and ball pit. The room was his personal play room and these details locked it in. Guest were able to capture all of this for social media and use the personalized SnapChat filter.

4. Create Moments

As much as I think my Swag Bags were Da Bomb, people don’t remember THINGS they remember FEELINGS. I do the same thing with Mama Fresh Events, I create a couple of special moments where guests in the same room can share something special. QChella was a music fest so a headliner was necessary. We tapped our Aunt Met to lead the parents and little ones in a sing-a-long.  She took this job extremely serious and she had the kids on their feet. Q loves bubbles so we made sure to have a bubble blast moment, complete with my husband walking around with a handheld bubble machine. A photo opportunity is super important in this time when everyone is “Doing it for the ‘gram”. We used a trifold poster board to make a kid size photo backdrop for our tiny guests.

    5. Enjoy the Party

Mama, you have worked hard! Grab a bag of Annie’s cheddar bunnies, throw back an apple juice, mingle with your guest and don’t forget to get pics of you and your precious baby. Though it’s probably now close to nap time and your “precious angel” is on the verge of a meltdown! You have both made it a year, this is a reason to celebrate. Throw  Bodak Yellow on the bluetooth speaker and do your happy dance, your kid won’t understand the lyrics anyway…..He’s only 1!

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