How to raise a Player!

Our routine in the morning for Q varies everyday. It loosely involves the same aspects: He nurses, we sing his Good Morning song, breakfast, brushing all 6 of his teeth, etc… We might move through this at the speed of light, if I’m in a hurry (Which is most days of my life). Some days are more laid back. On those days he takes 1million hours to eat his oatmeal, and it’s all good. There is one part of our morning that is consistent everyday: PLAY!


To the naked, amateur eye our home might look a hot mess all the time. Sista, before you come over here all judgy, let me break it down for you! Our living room contains a lion, train, doggy chair, dolphin, boho floor pillows and more! There are blocks, musical instruments and books all over the floor at any moment. These are all tools that Q is using to learn through play.

It’s not just my opinion, studies have highlighted the importance of play as it contributes to child development. Through play, Q creates his own world and discover his interest. Anyone that comes to our home better be ready for a kazoo concert, because it IS happening. We can see the wheels in his brain turning as he interacts with the world around him.

You know I’m all about exploring the city, so from a young age I have taken ObieQ to music classes all over Chicago. The one led by that guy and his guitar, YEP we went to that one. What about the one inside that playroom where the nice woman sings classic songs and current ones, YEP we took classes there too! I kept looking because there was something missing.  I found my absolute favorite and what worked for my little one at Bubbles Academy.
Bubbles is in the Bucktown and for me logistically it works because it’s right off the expressway and has dedicated parking. I have NO TIME to search for parking when I am rushing so my child doesn’t miss the Hello song! I love that the classes are tied to developmental stages, not just age groups. Q takes “Music for Walkers” this was right on time for my lil wobbly child. There were some takeaways I saw right away: He was able to change his pace, speeding up and slowing down depending on the song. We worked on transitioning from one toy to another. This was HUGE for us because before this he would cry and throw a fit whenever you took something away before he was done. (Okay cry is saying it gently, he would fall out and act a fool!) There is also a woman, Ms. Kim, who I am nominating for Sainthood, she taught my child how to clear his toys! *Praise Dance*

So you KNOW if there is something I find and love, I instantly think: I gotta get my Fresh Mamas in here!  So that is what lead us to our playdate this Sunday. Their Meadow Room is full of toys that will spark your little ones imagination, gross motor development and social skills.  There is even an area to practice rolling over and tummy time for your pre-crawlers. There is usually a fee for this but for our Fresh Families, this event is free! A couple of things to know:

  1. Click here to register for our Mama Fresh Playdate
  2. This is a the perfect event little ones 3 and younger and Fresh Papas are encouraged to join!
  3. Your little one will meet new friends and you will too, this is how our community of Fresh Mamas grows!

I am so excited to see you this Sunday and meet everyone, especially, the Mamas that are new to our community.

Mama Fresh x Bubbles Academy-Sunday, Oct 15th 10a-12p: Players are Welcomed!


  1. Wonderful blog Jenn. Q is truly a player.

  2. This makes me snails everytime I come across it! Thank you! It’s this type of recognition that makes me love even more what I do!

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