Raise a Reader…Raise a Leader!

Hey Mama Hey!!!! Last time we talked about Play, which is a constant in our house. Can you guess the other thing that is constant?

Healthy Meals? Nope, last night Q ate yogurt, a grilled cheese and grapes. He is showing his toddler independence (yep at 1yo) and it includes spitting out quinoa.

Early Bedtimes? Wrong again! 9pm dance parties happen all the time over here. ObieQ gets a burst of energy at night that only can be cured with Bruno Mars

Books? Yea Mama, you got it! There are books everywhere. In the front room, our bedroom, Q’s room, the car. Wherever we are Boom Chicka Boom…there are books.

I started reading to Q really early, like he was 2 weeks old. I would sit him on his Boppy lounger and just read. It helped me give some structure to my day and we are now reaping the benefits because he now opens books on his own and uses his index finger as his “reading finger”.

To support the reading we were doing at home we started attending storytime when Q was 3 months. There is a dope bookstore right in Hyde Park that I love. I took Q there on a random Monday to do a “test run” to see if he would be comfortable. While we were there we met the Manager of the Children’s department, Franny. She encouraged me to bring Q and pointed out he was already gazing from left to right so she could tell I was reading at home.  I walked out feeling like I was on a cloud and patting myself on the back all the way out the door.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I was ready! I had his clothes laid out, you know very very studious…he was going to look the part. Well, that is not how it worked out. Q was nursing like a mad man and we were behind schedule. Like an hour behind. I was bummed out and my husband said “Still Go”. Just take him in his pajamas and still go. So that is what we did, pj’s and an iced coffee that is how we showed up. He had a blast, was so attentive. That is how Pajama Storytime was born!
Our partnership with 57th Books came from my love of my time I spent there. Babies benefit from reading. Mama, I’m not telling you what I think, there are studies to prove it as well: Ruth Anan, Director of the Early Childhood Program at Beaumont Hospital near Detroit, says babies learn to associate books with the pleasure of being with parents, and this pleasure will translate to a love of reading. Franny is such an enthusiastic reader, it helped me step my own game up!
I gotta be honest…The Mama Fresh Storytime is pretty lit! Franny, Colin and Miranda not only read to our group but there are songs as well. A guitar, a banjo, putting your toes to sleep…we got it all! What makes storytime at 57th St Bookstore so unique is being surrounded by books. You are inspired just by entering the space. We have storytime there every month. It’s pajama storytime so you can take the pressure of getting your little one dressed out of the equation. It’s free because we are doing it for the culture and pouring into our next generation….Raise a Reader….Raise a Leader!

Join us this month for a special edition for Costume Storytime, October 28th 10:30a. RSVP Here!!! Costume, pajamas, whatever you get out the house in….Come on Mama we can’t wait to see you.  We also will have Mama Fresh gear there ready for you to purchase on site. If you have been waiting to purchase, this is the perfect time!

fresh costume pj-4

And Fresh Papas are welcomed as well……it cracks me up that I have to say that…blogpost on that coming up soon!


  1. Readers are Leaders!!!

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