#MCM Mama Crush Monday: Kenya Mercer

Hey Mama Hey!!! Happy Monday to you. I know people usually say Happy Friday but I am wishing you well at the START of your week!


In order to get you hyped up for the week, I will start shining the spotlight on a Mama that I have a Mama Crush on! These are Mamas who are doing their thang. Mamas that are working outside of the home, SAHM, First Time Mamas, Mamas Mamas, and more!

To kick this series of Mama Crush Monday off, I didn’t have to look far. I tapped right into my own Mama Support System and chose: Kenya Mercer.

Kenya Mercer is Mama to 3yo Joshua and 1yo Charli. She and her husband Josh are a powerhouse couple in Chicago and Kenya is the glue holding it all together. I am in constant awe of how much she can juggle.  We meet up for play-dates and I am looking a hot mess and she is picture perfect with the kids in matching looks!

Kenya is the Executive Director of Swish Dreams, an organization that seeks to expose children  to a “Swish Education,” which uses sports (basketball and cheer) as a vehicle to teach youth fitness, literacy, and leadership. She was recently recognized by the Chicago Sky as the recipient of their Women’s Leadership “Redefining Possible” award.  Her list of titles are a magnificent mile long.  

When I was on maternity leave and home alone with this new little human, she was the first Mama friend who came over to visit. She came over to sit with me, help me breastfeed and keep me company. All of this would be amazing enough but add in she had just had a baby 20 DAYS BEFORE!!!!! She came with her baby and they have been friends ever since.

Every week I am going to feature a different Mama and I will be asking our #MCM the same three questions. This will give us a peek into Motherhood. It can be done in so many different ways and you can use them as an inspiration to help you along your own way!

Mama Fresh: What is your favorite place in your city to explore with your little one?

Kenya: My favorite place to explore depends on the season. In the Fall you can find us in museums. Winter, we are in our favorite malls shopping for the holidays. In Spring we are enjoying the weather, flowers and worms. As soon as Summertime Chi shows up, we are at North Ave Beach or anywhere there is water.  If you are looking for a cool spot to take your little one, I definitely recommend the THEATER. Children’s theater and shows are a great way to keep your kiddo well rounded, engaged, entertained and also to learn. It is something for the family. I just love the arts.  

Mama Fresh: What is your personal “Fresh Approach” to Motherhood?

Kenya: I am a hands-on parent but more like a guide. I allow my kids to explore on their own while I remain adaptable. My greatest gift to my kids is imagination, we can make fun anywhere we go!

Mama Fresh: A Mama just delivered 4 days ago. What piece of advice would you give her?

Kenya: Every every every infant, baby, toddler, child, adolescent, tween, teen and Mama is different so do what works for you.  Be okay with messing up and excited when you get it right. Pray, pray, pray over your children (then you won’t worry…as much). It is 100% true what they say, ‘Enjoy every moment, no rush because they grow up so fast’.

I can already tell that this series if going to be one of my favorites. Since we are all about sharing and building community I will share with you what I have personally learned from our #MCM. Kenya has taught me to remain flexible. We were out and I didn’t have one of my homemade food puree pouches with me. Q was hungry and I was paralyzed with Mom guilt. When I looked up, Kenya was feeding him a store bought pouch, and he instantly calmed down. In that moment I understood that this journey is not full of absolutes. Saying that my baby only ate homemade organic food isn’t as important as making sure he is fed. Staying flexible and adaptable….major key to being a Fresh Mama. Thanks Kenya!

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  1. I love you and This! I am now in awe of you my baby mama. So blessed to have you and platforms like mama fresh to highlight how fresh being a mama really is!

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