#MCM Mama Crush Monday: Lesley Martin Nunnery

Hey Mama Hey! Happy Monday. I am back with our weekly installment of our Mama Crush Monday.

In order to get you hyped up for the week, I am shining the spotlight on a Mama that I have a Mama Crush on! These are Mamas who are doing their thang. Mamas that are working outside of the home, SAHM, First Time Mamas, Mamas Mamas, and more!


This week we are featuring first time Mama, Lesley Martin Nunnery. This Emmy Award winning  television media maven has worked on some of your favorite television shows. Steve Harvey Show…yep she was a producer there! The Holy Grail of television: Oprah…..yep she was there as well! Currently she lives in Nashville where she is working on the Number 1 new Daytime Talk Show: Pickler and Ben. If that wasn’t enough Black Girl Magic, she is also one of the founders of Posh Entertainment, a women-owned boutique event planning and promotional company.


It’s obvious her professional resume is extremely impressive but it is her character that I can’t stop talking about.  My friendship with Lesley was one of the many perks of marrying my husband.  I can relate to her so much to her because like me, her marriage was on the express love train. She announced her pregnancy on their first year anniversary! Both of us were new wives and starting the journey to motherhood. We decided this journey would be a lot more fabulous with a partner so we formed a Sisterhood and haven’t let go.  She is always there with a listening ear and I knows prays for my family, perhaps means the most to me.

You won’t make it too far in a conversation with Lesley without her mentioning her loving husband Miguel and daughter Taylor. The Nunnerys are full of life, fun and style. When her daughter Taylor was born she made it clear very early that she is full of personality. She turns 1 year next month, so I thought this would be the perfect time to ask Lesley to reflect on her first year of being a Mama.

Every week I feature a different Mama and I ask our #MCM the same three questions. This will give us a peek into Motherhood. It can be done in so many different ways and you can use them as an inspiration to help you along your own way!


Mama Fresh: What is your favorite place in your city to explore with your little one?

Lesley: I love taking Little Tay to the children’s museum.  There is so much for her to do and explore there. It’s my go to on a rainy day or when I’m traveling to a new city we always try and check out their children’s museum!


Mama Fresh: What is your personal “Fresh Approach” to Motherhood?

Lesley: I’m 11 months in the motherhood game and I realized early on my little one loves and responds to music so everything is a musical in our house! At 4 months I was singing and Taylor tried  to hum along, so now I have a song for everything ! Bedtime, bath time, eating and packing our diaper bag. We have microphones and instruments all over the house. Hey, in my baby’s eyes I’m Beyoncé!


Mama Fresh: A Mama just delivered 4 days ago. What piece of advice would you give her?

Lesley: Best advice I can give new moms is enjoy every moment! They grow up so fast! Don’t be too hard on yourself or compare yourself to other moms. When I first had Tay I would compare myself to other moms bad! Am I losing the baby weight fast enough? Are my edges growing back quick enough (yes those edges fall out but yes they grow back! ) Why does that mom make it look so easy and I’m just trying to hold it together?? But one day it hit me..Tay doesn’t care about any of that! Your baby loves and needs you so don’t be so hard on yourself ! The two of you will navigate this new world together. You are more ready than you realize!


Every week I am just blown away by the Mamas right around me. That last answer is something I struggle with all the time!!!!!!!! Comparing myself to Mamas that seem to have it all together. I will see a Mama on a couch enjoying a perfect frappuccino in a spotless house, with her child playing nearby. Meanwhile I am chugging cold coffee and folding laundry that I washed days ago! Lesley is right, ObieQ doesn’t care about any of that. He is happy, healthy and knows our home is full of love. Thanks Lesley, as Mamas we are enough. Navigating this world with your little one, earning and loving together, now that is what being a Fresh Mama is all about.

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