Freshly Picked Events 11/3-11/5

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I am trying something different. As you know, on Facebook and Instagram I share my “Mama Freshly Picked Events”.  I got the feedback of  “Mama Fresh, I love you, BUT you are talking too fast and I want to know more about each event”. Well, when you talk….I listen! So now every Friday you can find more about my weekend picks here. I am also going to add a calendar so you can click on a date and see all of my picks for you and your little ones!

So how does an event make my “Freshly Picked Events” list?  I keep my ear to the streets and pass on events that are enriching for your little one and enjoyable for you. There will always be at least one FREE event for the weekend because I am aware of making the most of your family budget.

If you have an event you would like to submit to be featured, email me:

Here we go, your 3 “Freshly Picked Events” for this weekend.

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  • Event: JuiceBox Concert Series
  • Day: Nov 4th; 11a-11:45a
  • Where: Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Cost & Ticket Info: Free Click Here for Deets
  • Mama Fresh Two Cents: The City of Chicago Cultural Center and LifeWay Foods present this ongoing concert series will get your little one up and dancing!  This was the first concert series I ever attended with ObieQ. There are so many positives, the beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory, the variety of music genres, and the support of other parents in attendance. The performance starts right at 11am and there is 45mins of entertainment. Bring your little one for the concert and stay to explore the Conservatory. You can catch ObieQ and I on the dance floor then at the Koi pond…he is obsessed!


  • Event: 61st Street INDOOR Farmers Market 
  • Day: Saturday 9a-12p
  • Where: Inside the Experimental Station; 6100 S Blackstone
  • Cost & Ticket Info: FREE Click Here for Deets
  • Mama Fresh Two Cents: The weather has officially changed. We definitely missed that cute sweater weather season. One of the things I am sure to miss about the summer season is visiting my local farmers market and buying local veggies for ObieQ to have for lunch and dinner. Well don’t feel bad for me! Tomorrow I am attending the INDOOR Farmer’s Market in Woodlawn. Fresh produce from local farms, music and chef demos. You can catch ObieQ and I identifying different veggies and sampling delicious treats!

  • Event: South Side Pie Challange
  • Day: Saturday, 2p-5p
  • Where: Hyde Park Neighborhood Club
  • Cost & Ticket Info: Free; Click Here for Deets
  • Mama Fresh Two Cents: Now this is a fundraiser that I can get behind! If all of the pies aren’t sweet enough, all of the proceeds with go to the Hyde Park and Kenwood Hunger Programs.  In addition to the delicious pies there will be coffee, live music and kids activities. You would find ObieQ and I conducting our own personal sweet potato pie tasting contest!

So get out there and explore the city!  When you attend an event that I recommended use the hashtag #MamaFreshChi so I can see you and your little one looking all good and living it up!

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