Mama Crush Monday: Dr. Kiarra King

Hey Mama Hey!  Happy Monday! This Mama Crush Monday has become my most popular blogpost. It’s something about reading about another Mama and her journey that has really resonated with you. This make me so excited because this builds up our community and that is what Mama Fresh is all about.

If this is your first Monday reading, this is how it goes down:

In order to get you hyped up for the week, I am shining the spotlight on a Mama that I have a Mama Crush on! These are Mamas who are doing their thang. Mamas that are working outside of the home, SAHM, First Time Mamas, Mamas Mamas, and more!

Our #MCM this week is Dr. Kiarra King. This Doctor Mom seamlessly combines her love of fabulous fashion, food and family all on her blog, 1MommyMd. Her striking style will be the first thing that grabs your attention. She has a knack for mixing prints and adding a pop of color. Not only is Dr. King beautiful on the outside, she backs it up with such a calm and reassuring spirit. Her years of experience of working with women as a trusted OB/GYN gives her an understated confidence that instantly puts you at ease.

One of the reasons I tapped Kiarra to be our #MCM is her experience as a SAHM for 2 years and recently jumping back into the working world. I knew that she could speak to Fresh Mamas from different backgrounds. Kiarra’s 2yo old daughter Kai had my heart the moment I met her. She is so full of life, cute as a button, polite and, my favorite, curious! I love seeing Kiarra and her mini me at Mama Fresh events because it reminds me that strong Mamas raise strong children. Kai is adorable, a ball of energy but takes time to “help” me entertain Obie. She is super busy but still has time to be compassionate….SHE GETS IT FROM HER MAMA!

Every week I feature a different Mama and I ask our #MCM the same three questions. This will give us a peek into Motherhood. It can be done in so many different ways and you can use them as an inspiration to help you along your own way!

Mama Fresh: What is your favorite place in your city to explore with your little one?

Kiarra:  I am always on the go. When I was a full time SAHM, for almost 2 years, baby girl went nearly everywhere with me. We don’t have a yard at home, so I love taking her places she can run and be free. In the summer, MB Financial Park in Rosemont, just northwest of the city, is awesome.  They have a huge turf lawn for kiddos to run to their heart’s content. They have regularly scheduled family friendly activities as well. Not to be left out are the dozen or so restaurants that immediately surround the lawn.  So once playtime is over, we usually grab a quick bite.  I can’t wait to check out their winter schedule!  We also frequent our local library for storytime, the summer reading program or just to hang out!


Mama Fresh: What is your favorite place in your city to explore with your little one?

Kiarra: It sounds cliche, but living in the moment. I spent years, before I had my daughter, working nonstop; 4 years of medical school, 4 years of OB/Gyne residency working 80hrs/wk and 4 years as an attending physician. By happenstance, I was blessed to be a SAHM for nearly two years and was so grateful that I didn’t miss any “firsts”. So. I’ve just enjoyed the process. I don’t rush any stage because I won’t get those days back. I am present in the present.


Mama Fresh: A Mama just delivered 4 days ago. What piece of advice would you give her?

Kiarra: Take lots of pics, no matter what you look like. Ask people to take pics of you and your little one(s). The moments when our babies are so tiny are fleeting. Capture them. Enjoy them.  Cherish them.  Do something for yourself everyday. No matter how small. A cup of coffee while it’s still hot. A shower. We tend to get wrapped up in the baby once they arrive and often don’t make time for ourselves. I made it my goal to shower daily; it sounds silly until you realize taking care of a newborn is 3 full time jobs lol!


Connect with other Mamas, like right now! It’s important to know you’re not in the journey of motherhood alone. It’s good to have a village where you can learn, vent, support and share in each other’s parenting successes.

Whew, I feel like Dr. King just dropped some Mama gems there! My Mama village is essential to me being a Fresh Mama. I met Kiarra through a Facebook Mama group. I was a couple of weeks postpartum and happy to have a sounding board for my new Mama concerns.  That was the seed to a friendship that has blossomed over the past year. I have taken advantage of having a physician in my circle and it is completely common for her and I to exchange texts way past midnight. For that I am thankful.


If you are reading this and feel alone on the journey of Motherhood, let us help. Mama Fresh is more than a blog and a collection of cute pics. We are a community of Fresh Mamas that are here to support each other. I am only a email/DM away and would love to connect you with resources that could help make your day brighter. We have each other’s back and THAT is how we keep it Fresh!

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