Mama Crush Monday: Dr. Napatia T. Gettings

…..(Chance voice) “And we back and we back and we back”

Over the last two weeks I have been so busy: I was sick with mastitis, from a plugged duct, planning awesome programming for you and just the normal pressure of the holidays. *Whew* I have to be honest, I am still new to this blogging world. There are times when you are writing but you wonder if anyone is reading…is anyone out there??? I am so lucky to have the community of you Fresh Mamas. My email, DMs, and comments were on fire. Mamas have been checking on me, sending encouragement and asking “When will the blog be back?” And “Did I miss the Mama Crush this week?”.

Well, I have great news…..

Mama Crush Monday has returned!

If this is your first Monday reading, this is how it goes down:

In order to get you hyped up for the week, I am shining the spotlight on a Mama that I have a Mama Crush on! These are Mamas who are doing their thang. Mamas that are working outside the home, SAHM, First Time Mamas, Mamas Mamas and more!

Our #MCM this week is Dr. Napatia T. Gettings. She is a mother of four married into a blended family of six children with two bonus sons. Napatia is also an advocate for health and wellness. As I watch Napatia move through all the roles in her life with grace, I knew I wanted to talk to her more. How could someone who has her own practice, serves as celebrity wellness consultant and stays busy supporting the individual personalities and dreams of her children always be so present and lovely EVERY time I see her. Did I mention she is also a smokin hot wife as well???

While I was on maternity leave with ObieQ I would tune in and listen to Napatia’s weekly “Free Your Mind” podcast. This was right on time for me. Napatia opened my eyes to how much our the different fragments of our life are all interconnected. This focus of mindfulness was important to me since I was now a Mama and wanted to be aware of the energy I was transferring to my baby. Instead of making it complicated, Napatia gave me real simple tools I could practice everyday. It meant so much to me to hear another Mama, especially one with just an impressive resume as hers, validate the importance of working on my emotional and mental well being. She has been my Mama Crush ever since and I am excited to share her with our Fresh Mama community.

Mama Fresh: What is your favorite place in your city to explore with your family?

Napatia: When my children and husband and I get ready to hit the city streets, we are usually in search of food. Eating together as a family is surely our favorite pastime. We love exploring new restaurants all around the city and different cuisines. I try to make sure my children have this time with me regularly since I work a lot. Thankfully, Chicago is full of restaurants and there are many options. Some of our favorites are Las Mananitas, Chi Tung, RPM Italian, Ocean Cut, Chicago Cut, Riva and May Street Cafe!

Mama Fresh: What is your personal “Fresh Approach” to Motherhood?

Napatia: My Fresh Approach to motherhood is doing everything with ease. Motherhood can be very stressful and as mothers we have to be mindful as to how we respond to our children emotionally. We also have to model healthy emotional management to ensure that our children are well prepared to handle life and its challenges. I grew up in a very stressful and emotionally draining household. For that reason, I focus on creating the exact opposite environment for my children. I know this approach is vital to their long term emotional well being and overall health.

Mama Fresh: A Mama just delivered 4 days ago. What piece of advise would you give her?

Napatia: Your body is transitioning and it will take time to heal and bounce back, so be patient. Nipple butter is essential because cracked nipples and breast engorgement can hurt more than labor!

Didn’t I tell you she makes it look easy! I love the idea of using food as a family pastime. The conversations you will have at the table, trying new cuisines together, creating memories. This is a fantastic idea for families with a wide range of ages like Napatia’s, everyone has to eat…so use the time to explore the city.

Napatia’s last answer reminded me of the gift she gave me at my baby shower. While most of my Sistafriends, were busy showering ObieQ with cute outfits and toys, Napatia came in with a bag that was so large you had to use two hand to pick it up. Get this, it was full with things for me in my postpartum journey. An essential oil diffuser, nipple pads, organic lotions and scrubs for me. Even then she was reminding me how important it is for us to take care of ourselves. Thank you for that lesson Dr. Gettings!

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