Baby Soul Jam: Spring Edition

Come sing, dance, and party at the Spring BABY SOUL JAM!

The first Baby Jam sold out in less than a week, so you don’t want to miss this follow up event! Presented by Mama Fresh and Kido Chicago, the Spring edition of this Super Soul Get Down will be sure to get your Saturday off to a swinging start! This is an all ages affair (although the 6 and under crew seem to run the show) and all kids are feel of charge. Partying parents/grown up friends—Feel free to visit the bar while your kids shake and shimmy. There will be a DJ and lots of dancing! There will be live entertainment and lots of singing! There will be giveaways! There will be new friends made! Come hang with us and our fresh community of families. Cheers to more family fun on the South Side!

Buy your tickets HERE and meet me on the dance floor!

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