Mama Fresh Book Club: The Adventures of Buster & Duval

Hey Mama Hey! Every since ObieQ was a itty bitty baby in our arms, we have committed to a consistent bed routine. This is as much for us as it is for him. It lets us all know, it is time to SHUT IT DOWN! Our current routine includes, bath, pjs, boob, brushing teeth, prayers and bedtime story. Sprinkle in some singing and wine, and boom that is our house every night. On Sundays we have a little more time so I introduce a new book into the rotation, this helps keep it fresh for Q and I. (Because Lawd, how many times can you read Goodnight Moon.)

This week we read The Adventures of Buster and Duval: Buster’s Big Move, written by Britney Robbin’s and illustrated by Janie Javier. This book was perfect for us because Q is in love with dogs right now and says “Woof Woof” whenever he sees one. We followed the story of Buster and Duval, two miniature dogs, as they become friends and explore the neighborhood.

This book is the the first of a series written by Britney, which targets the ages 4-8. I initially bought a copy for my niece who is 4 and has a miniature dog of her own. She talked about the book so much, I knew I had to share this story with Q. As we read through the story I was so pleased with my decision. The story is told from the perspective of the dogs. I just love that. It made for fun reading as I was able to make the funny voices of Buster and his friend Duval. Themes like being new in town, making friends and facing your fears, make this a great book for older kids as well.

This book is Mama Fresh Approved and you can purchase right HERE from Amazon. Just add it to your cart, because if you are like me there is always an Amazon cart.

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