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Hey Mama Hey!

DMs on Fire!!! My absolute favorite part of Instagram and Facebook is receiving direct and private messages from our Mama Fresh community. I love hearing about your little ones, letting me know I am not alone in the struggle of having Q’s toys all over my house and sometimes just saying “Heyyyyyyy!” The most popular question I get is about taking your little ones out for classes.

  • At what age should I start classes?
  • What’s the best value for my money?
  • How do you find out about all of these places?……

If you just google “Kids music classes Chicago” you can be easily overwhelmed by the results. There are the lists of the “Best” classes in Chicago but who is writing these lists? They don’t know you…They don’t know your child. Even with my Mama Fresh post for my favorite playrooms in Chicago, this is what works for ObieQ, but I know every child is not the same. Q does better in classes where he can participate, not just sit and watch. If it is an observation class, I guarantee my child will be out running down the hall. (Quickly followed by me running behind him saying very “sternly” OBIEQ, MAMA IS NOT JOKING!)

You need a way to try classes for yourself then dive deeper once you find out what works for you and your little one. I have the perfect solution for you. Try Pearachute. Most people say it’s like ClassPass for kids. Y’all I have to be honest, I never worked out enough to buy something like ClassPass. So I am going to have to take their word for it. I will tell you what I KNOW:

  • I love being able to drop in and explore classes all over the city in ONE place. On ONE app.
  • The map feature is BAE. There are times I’m in the mood to drive 30 mins away, there are other times I don’t want to go North of Roosevelt. I use the filter feature to narrow down what I am in the mood for.
  • Shop small and support your local business owners. I have been able to support some great small businesses, not to mention some BossMoms (Natalie @ Bubbles, Jessica @ Purple Playroom, and Debbie @ HelloBaby just to name a few)

Pearachute is giving families the option to explore, bond and engage with their little one, on your own terms!

So there is my secret, I check Pearachute, I pack Q up and we hit the town!

MAMA FRESH HOOK UP!!!!: You know I got you. I have partnered with Pearachute to offer Fresh Families first month FREE on a 4 credit plan. Click here to SIGN UP

Don’t forget to add me as a friend on the Pearachute app so we can attend classes together!!!

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