Mama Fresh Play date: WERKin Mamas

Hey Mama Hey!!! I hope 2018 is treating you well.

Time for some “real talk”

Full disclosure, I took some time off in January. I went to Atlanta and met my new niece Taylor and bonded with my 4yo niece Tristyn. You know that gross stomach bug that is going around? Yep… it found it’s nasty way into my home. First hitting Papa Fresh then working it’s way to ObieQ and eventually me. So, we layed low. I didn’t host a storytime, no yoga, one play date and Dassit! The downtime allowed me to focus in and think more about the future of Mama Fresh.

Mama Fresh has already exceeded any expectations I could have had when I made that first Instagram post. That is all thanks to you! So guess who is back!!!

My next play date is for Mamas just like me. Mamas that are hustling while caring for their little ones.

  • Do you have a blog that you are working on?…This play date is for you!
  • Do you work from home with a little one running in the background?…This play date is for you!
  • Do you struggle to find the time to look for a job because you know KIDS…This play date is for you!
  • Do you enjoy scrolling on Instagram and Facebook…This play date is for you!


This was literally my day today. Look how cute Q is in his crown. Look how crazy my house looks!!!

There is this dope space in Pilsen, Learning Loop Academy. The Mama behind this space is fantastic and excited to open up the space to our Fresh Families. She is so excited that she is making it FREE for us. *Mama Fresh Hookup Alert*

We have everything you need, WiFi, coffee, treats and most importantly space and toys for your little one. Kendra and Sarah Jean of Learning Loop Academy will be there to give you a hand. Bring your laptop, iPads, notebooks, whatever you need to get business done.

Tuesday February 20th



You get to work and hang with other like minded Mamas and your little ones get to have open play. This is perfect for ages 0-4.

I will be there with ObieQ, my iPad and sipping on coffee. Come and join me to keep me company!

There are limited spaces so sign up today!!!! RSVP Here

See you on Tuesday.. I can’t wait to see you Werk It!

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