I’ll always Love My Mamas!

Hey Mama Hey!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

On this day we celebrate love and I wanted to start with you. Well…After Papa Fresh, then ObieQ….GIRL, you were right next in line!

I have so much LOVE for our Mama Fresh community. The best way I know how to show love is to say Thank You.

Thank You. Thank you for all the support you have given Mama Fresh.

  • Thank you for following me on Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (even tho I need to post more), Facebook and for those in my Facebook Group: I am going to do better!
  • Thank you for attending my events. I love meeting Fresh Mamas face to face. There are some of your babies that I met when they were only weeks old. I am so thankful for these relationships.
  • Thankyou for emailing me (Jenny@MamaFreshChicago.com), sliding in my DMs, commenting and every other way you reach out to me.
  • Thank you for subscribing to my blog and reading each week.
  • Thank you for wearing your Mama Fresh tees and totes in the streets. I saw a tote the other day and literally got choked up.
  • Thank you for telling your Mama friends about Mama Fresh. The fact you would vouch for me means so much.
  • Thank you for sending me words of encouragement. Your words always brighten my day.
  • Thank you for all the LOVE



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  1. Happy Valentines Day Mama Fresh!!

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