Hey Mama Hey!

Happy Monday!!! I’m not being funny, I truly mean HAPPY Monday. Not to sound like a cliche but I woke up this morning pumped up. I just came off of a Mama Fresh packed weekend and I have been waiting to share with you some really exciting news.

It has been just over a week since we came together as a Mama Fresh Family and partied together at the Baby Soul Jam. I am still recovering feeling the love!

When Keewa and I came together to plan our first Baby Soul Jam, we knew we wanted to add a dope option in Chicago for the way families spent time together . We wanted to do it on the South Side. It had to have a vibe. It had to be a place where community, diversity, and culture is celebrated. I told Keewa this is going to be BIG. Ya girl was right! Even with all my confidence and faith in our Mama Fresh community I could not have imagined the magic we would have on that day.

You came out with your husbands, partners, wives. We hade Gigis, Nanas, GrandDads and Poppas in the house. Cousins, God Mamas and Aunts were all in the house! My own Mama was there and she just sat back and watched the kids play, families fellowship and parents sipping on mimosas, with a smile on her face.

My heart was full.

Enjoy these pictures and see if it takes you back to that sunny Saturday morning when Fresh Families showed up and showed out in Hyde Park. Also, scroll down for a special announcement!

As you can see we had blast! Even with a full room there were families that missed out. Ticket sales sold out about a week before which caused my DMs to BLOW UP! We instantly knew we had to plan the next one. There was one weekend that JUMPED off the calendar. Mother’s Day weekend. Baby Soul Jam is the perfect way to kick off a weekend that is about celebrating YOU! We are excited to announce our next date, Saturday May 12th. This Baby Soul Jam is a double celebration because *cue Tony Toni Tone* it’s our anniversary! I started Mama Fresh on May 14th with one Instagram post. That post received 40 likes and I was feeling pretty proud of myself! Fast forward almost a year later and I am in awe of what we have built. It would be the world to me to have you there, with your little one, to help celebrate with me.

If you loved the last Baby Soul Jam you have to be there on May 12th, it just wouldn’t be the same without you. If you missed tickets the first time, don’t hesitate this time, tickets will sell out again and I want you there!


A great shout out to our sponsors! These are brands that rallied behind our vision and share in our commitment to being a resource for Families.

See you soon,


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