Mama Freshly Picked Events 4/28-4/29

Hey Mama Hey! The sun is shining and I am ready for the weekend!!!!! If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, which Mama you totally should be doing, you know this week I have been attending the She Did It Her Way Summit and I am SO EXCITED to take Mama Fresh to the next level and buckle up..because you are coming with me.

Since I have been attending the conference, I have been away from my ObieQ for multiple days in a row…and that is hard. I can’t wait to hang with him this weekend, so I have packed the Freshly Picked Events with programming. This is a Mama Fresh weekend, I have events on Saturday & Sunday and I would like to see you at both!

Click below for my video and of course I have all the links for the SEVEN events below:

Links for you Mama:

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