Mama Freshly Picked Events May 5th=6th

Hey Mama Hey!

Suns out! Kids out! The weather this weekend is going to be amazing. I don’t want to make any big promises BUT I am strongly considering shaving my legs. Yep…it’s that official! So this weekend is full of events, most happening on Saturday and of course we have Mama Fresh Yoga on Sunday. Watch the video below for my two cents on each event and what I think you should do if you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your little one:

(Bonus info: I was the featured guest on The Brown Skin Mom podcast. Click here to learn more about me and my advice for new Mamas!)

All of the links you need!

(MAMA FRESH HOOK UP!!!- If you are interested in signing up and trying Pearachute for your little one and taking the coolest classes in the city- Click here for a FREE MONTH OF CLASSES)


Mama Fresh Yoga- Tickets are still available for BOTH sessions Buy your ticket today!

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