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Hey Mama Hey!! Happy Monday to you! So I have something I need to get off my chest. ….NO it’s not ObieQ, who is 19 months and still nursing! I have been keeping information away from you, my Fresh Mamas. I was recently contacted by RedEye Chicago to come in and chat about recommendations for “cool moms” in Chicago. I went down to the Tribune building and met with an editor, Lauren. We had tea and hot chocolate. She showed me the list and I dove in adding my two cents. After a lovely conversation she asked would I be interested in taking some pictures with ObieQ.

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Fast forward, today I checked my email and I have an email from Lauren. Mama Fresh is featured in TWO articles. I couldn’t believe it! I am so grateful. I called my husband, Mama, Sister, Brother, Sistafriends….just everyone to spread the news. They were excited, I felt proud. But then I let the Fresh Mamas know on Instagram stories. The messages started to flood in. You were screaming, you were crying and wanting to share with your networks. Thank you Fresh Mamas. Thank you for always having my back. As I enter this week of the 1year Anniversary of Mama Fresh, I am so emotional. We are building something special, people are taking notice. We are shifting mindsets and changing communities….all with our babies on our hip!

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  1. Thanks for the great karma. I Enjoy the Chicago we are making!

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