Why I decided to go natural after becoming a Mama

Hey Mama Hey!

It’s June and that is a special month for me, it’s my one year anniversary of not straightening my hair. Yep, 1 year of getting to know my hair for its coily, kinky, beautiful natural state. What made me decide at 36 to start wearing my hair natural….I became a Mama!

Even though I am new to this natural hair world my journey started years ago. I was a young girl was full thick hair. After too many Sundays and the straightening comb on the stove my Mom decided to let me have a perm around 9yo. Every two weeks like clockwork I went to the beauty shop hours spent to get that bouncing and behaving look. At the age of 24 I decided to give myself a break from the relaxers, but I continued to blow dry my hair straight.

As I got older I started to get curious about the natural state of my hair, but didn’t make that move. My hair was “trained” baby! It took me no time to blow dry and I wrapped my hair religiously before bed. No matter how wild the night…crazy drinks, late flights, date night..I grabbed my trusty hair scarf!

Me on my wedding day! You see Albert back there performing miracles

When I became pregnant my hair grew like CRAZY. Thick and full I was flourishing! Then I had Q..(Mamas you know where this is going), 4mo postpartum my hair started thinning, specifically my edges. LAWD NOT MY EDGES! Couple that with my crazy schedule and lack of time, I became the top knot queen.

My struggle Mom bun

Summer hit then I got braids. Long lemonade style braids. I got an extra dose of Black Girl Magic. There was an extra pep in my step. When it was time to take them out, I wasn’t ready to let that go. There was one thing stopping me. I was nervous and unsure. I hadn’t seen my natural hair in 30 years. I talked to a very important man in my life…my hairstylist Albert! I told him I felt like this was my time. He asked what made this THAT time.

ObieQ and I with my braids. I LOVED these!

The answer was simple:

I am a Mama now. I am more confident than ever!

Becoming a Mama gave my confidence a huge boost. I was balancing starting a business, a still new marriage and a Mama to a little one….and guess what. EVERYONE WAS FLOURISHING.

I was stepping into a new phase of my life and me embracing my natural hair was the right move. This past year has been full of you tube tutorials, a bin full of products and lots of experimenting. It sounds like a cliche but I have learned so much about myself. My hair now is an extension of me wild, fun, full of personality but need TLC to thrive. So now at the age of 37. I can confidently say, I LOVE MY HAIR!

Look how much we look alike!

This Saturday I am hosting an anniversary party for the book I Love My Hair. This book is celebrating 20 years of the empowering pride and self acceptance of little girls AND boys everywhere. The special event is spreading the love with hair themed crafts, photo ops and more. The highlight of this event is the author herself Natasha Tarpley will be there to read her book, sign copies and chat with Fresh Mamas.

Kisses and curls

I want you there. This book was written 20years ago and is still touching little ones and grown women like myself! So join me for “Still Loving It: The 20th Anniversary Celebration of I Love My Hair“. Saturday June 9th 11am @ 57th Street Books RSVP Here!!!

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  1. I too found confidence in my natural hair after having my 3rd. It’s going on 2 years of being beat free. I’ve been relaxer free for 17 years. I love it and am about to get braids for the first time ever this summer.

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