An Open Letter to Papa Fresh

Today is Father’s Day. The day we look to the men in our lives and give them a big high five for being a partner in this parenthood journey. I have chosen to to write a letter to my husband, Obie Laurence LeFlore III.

Dear Obie,

Thank You.

Those are the first words that enter my mind. Thank you for being the type of father you are. You are hands on, attentive, loving and more…every single day. When I first told you I was pregnant it was not as sweet or funny as one of those videos you see on YouTube. You asked me “Are you sure?” After four positive pregnancy test later you finally got excited. We found out we were having a boy and true to your word on our first date, we named him Obie.

Thank you for diving right in

From the moment you held him in your arms, you were a Daddy. You see, I had a running start on becoming a Mama. For 10 months I carried our baby, I felt his heartbeat, his hiccups his swift kicks in my ribs. All of that helped me bond with him and come to terms with the upcoming change in our lives. But for you it was that moment in our hospital room. I had fallen asleep exhausted from labor. Our parents had gone home and the nurses were making their rounds. At that moment it was just you and ObieQ. Father and son. You pledged to take care of him and me, that is exactly what you have done.

Thank You for being present

Every day when Q hears you come in he SCREAMS and runs towards you. He pulls at your shoes, your coat, your hat. He wants to make sure you aren’t going anywhere. I once asked you, “Do you ever sit in you car to mentally prepare for being attacked from the moment you walk in the door?”. Without hesitation you told me it was the best part of your day. You are the last face sees every night as you two march towards his bedroom. You are the first face he sees in the morning. These are the moments when I sit back with pride and gratitude at the home we have created.

God must truly see something special in us to have blessed us with ObieQ. He is smart, curious, full of personality and currently trying to figure out how to process all of these crazy emotions he is experiencing. He came full of love but with no handbook. We are figuring it out as we go and doing it our way. Music class at 3mo, yoga at 15mo, art time at home, museums before he was able to walk. You have never questioned my decisions and when I am having doubts you remind me that I am doing a great job as a Mama and how I will look back at this time with so much love.

Thank You for being my husband

Last but not least, thank you for being a supportive and loving husband you me. Our son is watching he will see how we treat each other. This will impact how he treats others and more importantly himself. He sees that we disagree but he also sees that we are not afraid to say “Sorry” to apologize.

Happy Father’s Day Papa Fresh! I will do my best to fill your day up with a few of your favorite things: family, love and a cup that is always full of Crown.

Love you,


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  1. What a wonderful tribute. Happy Fathers Day Son!!

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