Summer Time is here now HELP ME!

After what seems like YEARS of waiting….Summer is here! Every morning the sun is shining and ObieQ is demanding asking, “Outside Mama.” So we go to the park. We have been to our local park, we have been to the park downtown, the park by the lake, shoot, we have probably been to YOUR local park. As much as I love the chill and easy going nature of summer… A Mama needs some HELP!

During the Winter and Spring we were packed with classes. Sometimes up to 4 a week. It kept us on the go and was really structured. For the summer I have decided to take it easy, put all of those sessions on pause, but there has to be an in between.

I spoke with Dr. Chrisna of Comprehensive Learning Services. During the Spring ObieQ was enrolled in her Learning Out Loud program and he FLOURISHED. I walked in with a boy that wouldn’t speak up around others, couldn’t sit down long enough to pay attention and knew the melody of the alphabet but couldn’t identify letters. I was also fine with all of that. After all, he is only 1yo! I did want to give him the foundation to become a confident learning later. Over the next few months, I am not exaggerating…I saw a difference in not only my child but the others in his group.

Dr. Chrisna has become a resource and an extended member of the Fresh Mama family. So I asked Dr. Chrisna, “Help! The days are so long and he never runs out of energy!” The great thing she told me right away was, I was not the only one! She had the solution:

Baby Brain Boost Camp

Dr. Chrisna has teamed up with Alpha Shine Kids to provide us with structured quality programming on Chicago’s South Side. This is a mix between enrichment and physical exercise. This is targeted for your toddler 15-36 months.

This camp July 10th and I can not wait. There are three reasons why this is the answer to our problem of the long days + energetic kids.

  1. The Time is Right: The camp is from 10:30a-12p on Tuesdays and Thursdays, perfect time for us. We can get a casual start to our morning. Grab some breakfast and head to camp. 90 mins of fun, a little mix and mingle, then BOOM it’s nap time. Idk if Dr. Chrisna planned it this way, but whew I am glad it works out!
  2. I Can Have it My Way: Drop in Sessions. Two week intro. Multi Week Sessions for the the entire 5 weeks. There are packages to fit my need. I like the no pressure ease of this. We will probably get the 4 week package. That is 8 sessions I get to use when I wanna!
  3. Mind + Body: As you know, I am a huge proponent of learning through play. ObieQ can not get enough of sensory play. Not only will these littles be working out their mind but their body as well. The other half of this dynamic programming duo is Dr. Chandi Edmonds of Alpha Kids Shine. She is a licensed physical therapist and she is using her experience to create an original program to get their bodies moving.

*I am super excited about the obstacle course. We watch American Ninja Warriors all the time and I am pretty sure ObieQ is going to take it pretty serious!

So Mamas, if you are like me and you are looking for the perfect activity for your little one. Mama Fresh Got You! Baby Brain Boot Camp is every Tuesday and Thursday. It starts July 10th and continues through August 9th. Sign Up Here for Camp!

Mama Fresh Hook Up: Use code MamaFresh today for a 10% discount!

See You at Camp!


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