OH Baby! Mama Fresh Top Picks of The Chicago Baby Show

Hey Mama Hey! If you follow me on Instagram you know I recently attended The Chicago Baby Show and had a blast! I was there ALL day stopping from booth to booth learning about the latest and greatest of the baby world.

When I was invited to the show I instantly thought it was perfect for me. As the Mama Fresh community grows there will always be little babies around….and to be honest….I feel a little out of practice. ObieQ is almost 2yo *insert Mama tears here* and it seems like the time has flown by. This was the perfect opportunity for me to level up my baby product knowledge. To my surprise there was SO MUCH there for me to learn about my toddler as well!

Here are my TOP 3 Picks of items I just fell in love with.

  • Mama Fresh Picks from The Chicago Baby Show
    1. The UppaBaby MINU Stroller

    To say that I am obsessed with this stroller with be putting in mildly. To say that I dream about pushing this bad boy along the lakefront during a Mama Fresh Stroll On. Is not as creepy as it sounds. This is the stroller for Mamas that need a lightweight stroller that is comfy for your little one AND convenient for you. The one hand one step feature is a game changer. You can fold this full size stroller into a compact situation that can be worn on your shoulder.

    Don’t believe me just watch!

    2. MumBelli Co-Sleeper

    When I came home with ObieQ we had a beautiful nursery set up. Gorgeous crib with matching animal themed linens. Q never saw it! I wanted my baby close to me. I was nursing and had no energy to get up. I longed for a Co sleeper. This is the answer to those pleas.

    Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Mumbelli was invented by a Mama who wanted a solution that was safe for her and her baby.

    There are 2 features that really stood out.

    • Anti reflux wedge
    • Snuggler Band

    Visit their website to learn more about this beautiful and minimalist product. It so cute you won’t have to hide it when you have company over!

    3. MAMMAway

    Mamaaway is another Mama developed product. This pumping solution is perfect if you are traveling or working at the office. Anytime you are pumping and AWAY from your little ones, this is going to change your life.

    I am speaking from experience. When I returned to work after my maternity, I was immediately on a plane. I brought back over a 100 oz of milk and my stash bag was a hot mess! Mamma Away is the solutions that. Turns those random milk bags to an uniformed organized stash!

    By bonus honorable mention (yep I know I said 3…but here is my 4th…who is going to check me Boo!)

    Pumpspotting is an app, it is a support group for breastfeeding and it is a movement. The team is taking a 40ft pump suite that is touring the country to celebrate Mamas

    You could not miss the RV “Barb” at the show. Even though I didn’t have ObieQ with me I stopped by to take a break and talk all things breastfeeding. There was a special feeling in that RV. It was like walking into someone’s home. I met new Mamas and supported Fresh Mamas. I was in heaven!

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