Mama Fresh on Windy City Live

Hey Mama Hey!!!! Did you watch? Tell me…did you DVR, watch it live or catch the clip on Facebook? I am talking about my 4min & 55secs of fame, Mama Fresh on Windy City Live!

How did I get this opportunity?

For my Mama Fresh OG’s you might remember I was on Windy City Live back in May. I was on the show to talk about Mama Fresh and how I made the transition from Sales Manager in the fashion industry to “Mom Blogger”. You can watch that clip here.

I had a blast and they asked me back!

This time they wanted me to be a contributor. It would not be about me and my story. They wanted me to come and offer parenting hacks. My answer was Yes. Yes. Yes!

The reality of working Mamas

Thee show was on a Tuesday and since ObieQ doesn’t have school, that meant he would be with me the entire day!

That morning I went and got my makeup done and guess who was with me, ObieQ! I texted my MUA and asked if it was okay if I brought him. She was totally fine with it. She is a Mama herself and understood (this is why it’s imposed support small women owned Mama owned businesses).

I am so blessed, my MIL was able to join us to keep an eye on Q while I filmed. The show was so gracious about me bringing him. When i checked in I gave the standard “I hope it’s okay. He is actually out of school today. My MIL will be her soon”. As soon as I finished my working Mama guilt apology dance, the staff member told me not only was it okay but his picture was on the check in notes. How sweet!!!!

So while I prepped props, Obie learned how to operate a TV camera!

Live taping is LIVE!!!!

That’s right. We’re Live Baby! I had talking points and that’s it. There is no rehearsal but Val is so professional. She guided me along, making me feel comfortable during the segment.. What you see was my first time talking to her that day!

Thank You Fresh Mamas!

Thank you to all the Fresh Mamas that slid in my DMs, commented on posts, responded to my IG stories polls. I asked for your favorite hacks and you delivered. I even used one on the show! This is what truly makes me different. The community we have built. Thank You!

Watch Mama Fresh on Windy City Live

Watch the full clip below and let me know what you think! Also if there is any parenting hack that you love, share with me in the comments!

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  1. OMG. Such terrific practical tips. Definitely helpful to young Moms. Obie was running that professional camera. Y’all are ready for your own show. Truly, truly proud of you.
    Lots of love,
    Mama Roni

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