Mama Freshly Picked Events October 13th-14th

Hey Mama Hey! Are you falling into your back to school routine yet? ObieQ and I were still living in an extended summer dream like state. This week the weather has reminded us, seasons are changing!

This is how ObieQ’s MOOD about summer leaving

Fall is here! October brings cooler temps which might feel like a drag but don’t get bummed out. Focus on the good things: pumpkin patches, apple picking and fun indoor play dates.

Mama Fresh Pick of the Weekend: Mamas x Mimosas

If you have been wanting to take your little ones to a music class/concert but don’t have the flexible schedule to go during the week? OR Are you a Mama with multiple kids and the price can quickly climb when you pay per child. OR Are you tired of driving 45 mins to the Northside every time you want to have enrichment classes?

Mamas x Mimosas is the perfect way to start your weekend. Spend your Saturday morning with other Chicago families. Dancing to your kids favorite chilldren’s songs. Hanging with ya girl Mama Fresh. All of this while sipping $5 mimosas and eating tacos.

This is not a dream. It’s happening this Saturday at 10am and I can’t wait to see you there. Buy your $10 ticket Here

Freshly Picked Events



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