Why our toddler will visit so many Santas

Hey Mama Hey! You are probably reading this in between prepping for Thanksgiving this week. If you are one of those people that take holidays one at a time, you might be thinking to yourself: “Self, there is no reason to take my kiddo to see Santa anytime soon…we have plenty of time.”

Mama, I say this with all due respect: “YOU ARE WRONG!!!”

You gotta pack your littles up and take them to see Santa ASAP. There are 3 major reasons why:

  1. Toddlers. Yep, that’s the whole answer. Toddlers are unpredictable little beings. There are a million things that are stacked against you. They could be tired, hungry, or what if mercury is in retrograde (I seriously don’t know what this means but when it happens it seriously messes stuff up!). In order for the odds to be in your favor you need to up the odds and take tons of pics! Last year I was like you, I thought one picture would be fine…let’s see how that turned out:
  2. Different Santas. I want to see all the Santas. The amazing thing is Santa is powered by our imagination.  I love the idea of Santas looking different. Bring on the Santa with the real white beard. Bring on the Soul Santa with brown skin like mine. You got a red suit? We are there and ready to take pics.
  3. It gets better. The more times they experience going up to a large man in a red suit to take a picture, the more they will get used to it. We are on our 3rd Santa (don’t judge me) and our pictures were just adorable.

Portable North Pole Sleigh Ride at Water Tower Place

The Portable North Pole Santa experience at Water Tower Place is taking a FRESH approach to your normal Santa pics. When they invited us down for a virtual sleigh ride, I didn’t know what to expect. We walked up and there was a full size Santa sleigh, ObieQ got so excited and I knew this was gonna be good.

This is a two step process: picture and sleigh ride. One of the team members, Alisha, took care of us. She was so peppy and helpful it instantly put me at ease. This Santa is a pro. He knew all the poses. ObieQ loved him and it showed. Take a look at a few of these gems. Come on!!!!

After your picture, you are escorted over to the sleigh. This is the real deal, plenty of room for your whole family and real reins for you to hold on.  This is when the magic happens. You watch a video and the Santa workshop team are giving you instructions. Up-Down-DUCK! While it’s happening you feel pretty silly. But when it is all together it is a memory that you will be so excited to put in every group text you are a part of!  Click here to see ours.

The amazing part is:

  1. The virtual sleigh ride is included in the picture package price.
  2. You can reserve your spot online. That way you can skip the line like the VIP you are!
  3. They print out pictures on the spot and have packages that include the digital downloads.  This makes it easy for holiday photo gifts and you can post to your Santa pics on IG right away and get all the likes…who can resist your cute little one.

Mama, reserve your spot today and let’s get this holiday season poppin! I will leave you with a picture of me and Santa.

You know Mama Fresh had to let the big guy know what I need. I think here I am telling him I would like to use the bathroom without a toddler peeking in and asking “Mommy, whatcha doin?” Hey, a Mama can dream!

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