Why We Need Black Santa

Hey Mama Hey!

After my last post my comments, DMs, and email was blowing up. There was one question that I received over and over again:

Mama Fresh, do you know where we can find a brown santa?

Mama Fresh, are there any Black Santas in Chicago?

Mama Fresh, where can I go for a Santa that looks like me?

In Chicago there are tons of places you can take your little one to see Santa, believe me I know…we have seen him 3 times already. Unless they are specifically advertising a Black Santa, ou can assume the Santa will be white. There are other options. Macy’s has a Black Santa. They call him a “Special Santa” and you have to call and go through a back way to see him. They don’t want to have two Santas out. That would confuse kids. So the traditional Santa is in the front and “Special Santa” is in the back.

Y’all this ain’t right.

We are underestimating our children. Santa is powered by the imagination, he is whatever we want him to be. The red suit, the candy, the smile and open arms. Those are the consistent parts of a Santa visit. This is why I am SUPER proud to join with Downtown Hyde Park for their Hyde Park “Holly – Day” Celebration.

I want you and your family to join me on December 1st for a picture with Soul Santa. This Santa will be Black and he is he main event. Learn more about the Hyde Park Holly- Day event and RSVP HERE.

Back to the title of this post. Why do we need Black Santa? Representation. Our kiddos are growing up in a time where inclusivity will be their norm. Small moments like this bring us all together. I can’t wait to see the look on ObieQ’s face as he sees our Soul Santa for the first time. Come join us on December 1st at noon. Free pictures. One photo per family while supplies last. I can’t wait to see you.

If you are reading this while taking a break from your holiday shopping and you are like me and can’t get enough of Santa, let me share with you the gift wrap paper I just discovered and am obsessed with! GreentopGifts. They are committed to adding diversity to the images of Santa and we can’t wait to have their wrapping paper with Santa peeking from under our tree!


  1. We have this event and many more Black Danta events on the Black Danta Directory
    group on Facebook!

  2. We have this event and many move Black Santa events on the Black Santa Directory group on Facebook!!!

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