Baby Soul Jam Tickets on Sale at 10am

Hey Mama Hey!!!! It’s that time again: Baby Soul Jam! In my opinion I think of my Chicago Fresh Families into 2 categories.

  1. Those that have attended Baby Soul Jam
  2. Those that haven’t…..yet!

Click Here for Tickets

Let me holla at those who have already:

Heeyyyyy! Y’all ready to do this?!? We are bringing back our official DJ, DJ B-Rocking to provide the soundtrack of the most lit family day party in the city. We have live acts that will have you locked in and your little ones are going to be obsessed. Make sure you visit the photo booth to capture you and your family partying together. Buy your tickets TODAY because you KNOW they are going to sell out and the party won’t be the same without you in the building. I will see you on March 3rd. You know where to find me..on the dance floor with a mimosa in my hand!

Buy Tickets Here

Now to the readers who haven’t been, yet:

You have seen it on my timeline. You have probably seen it on your friends timeline. After every Baby Soul Jam you say the same thing “I am going to the next one, for real for real!” Well, this is it. This is your next one. It is as fun as it seems online, the music is lit the entire time. Where else will you hear your favorite 90s Jam and Baby Shark at the same place? (I know this answer: your car!) Come and meet other families like yours: diverse, values community/culture and ready to tear up the dance floor. We have sold out of every Baby Soul Jam so buy your tickets today. I don’t want you saying the same thing after this one.

With that said!!! Set your alarm, your notifications on IG, and write it down in your planner.

Tickets go on sale TODAY Feb 6th at 10:00AM


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