Mama Freshly Picked Events: Feb 8th-Feb 9th

Hey Mama Hey! I don’t know about you but my week has been so busy. Event after event, add in a tons of meetings, my husband working a ton and a toddler that currently riding his scooter INSIDE MY HOUSE!

I am ready for the weekend.

Today I have curated the perfect list for you and your family for this weekend. My pick of the week is


We took Cassius and ObieQ last weekend and had a blast. Both boys at the age of 2 were able to sit through the entire show. During intermission ObieQ informed me he had to go “run around.” We found an area he could do just that and then he was fine. The show is so entertaining and features some of your favorite Disney characters like Moana and CoCo. The level of performance blew me away. I was in awe the entire time. This weekend they are in Rosemont at the AllState Area. Reasonable priced tickets, free parking and worth the drive. (Warning you will spend a small fortune on souvenirs. It happens. Just go in there knowing that and it helps) Buy tickets here

Saturday Feb 8th

Sunday Feb 9th

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