You should celebrate Galentine’s Day THIS YEAR!

Hey Mama Hey! Do you know what holiday is next week? The day to celebrate the love you have for someone that has been there for you through thick and thin. Someone you can always count on. I’m talking about: YOUR GIRLS!!!

February 13th, the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day I celebrate Galentine’s Day. This is the day I celebrate all my amazing Sistafriends, Mom friends, all the women that have my back!

If you have never heard of this holiday, you are not alone…BUT don’t fight it. Any reason to celebrate each other, have cocktails and have a party, we are in!

To celebrate this year I called four of my Mama friends. Women that would love a night out, without kids, getting crazy……and done by 11p! (Kidding…not kidding)

Where my girls at!?!?!!!!! Lauren of Planned by Lauren, Michelle of Happily Ever Natural, Kiarra of Dr. Kiarra King, Ebony of Brown Skin Beautiful …Come on ladies let’s get in formation!

We celebrated Galentine’s day at VU Rooftop. This is the new 13,000 square foot rooftop bar that I am obsessed with (this was my second time there in a week!). It’s in the south loop and offers a view, or should I say VU, that is so fire! You are 22 stories up with a view of the city in every direction.

We wanted a night was fun, tasty cocktails and delicious food. VU hit all the marks. We reserved a private Karaoke room and it was perfect for our crew. It’s sound proof so we can laugh as loud as we wanted, crank up the music and had our waitress Ashley bring us tons of food. My personal highlights were the build your own mushroom tostadas, fingerling potatoes and roasted cauliflower and broccoli. Our cocktails of choice were their special Valentines Day Drinks. It was so good, like maybe too good if you know what I am saying!! It was perfect for a girls night out, refreshing and so yummy you definitely wanted more than one.

After a few of the speciality drinks we were loose enough to start Karaoke. Only 1 out of 5 of us has a studio ready voice, but we are all were so full of personality that it was an amazing show. Everything from Journey to Cardi B, we sung it all!

For some of the Mamas it was their first time celebrating Galentine’s Day and I think we knocked it out the park!

I hope this inspires you to plan your own Galentine’s Day with you and your girls. If you want to have as much fun as we did, check out VU Rooftop with your girls. The swanky vibe, flavorful food and tasty drinks make it a great choice ANY night.

If you are looking for still looking for Valentine’s plans and there is no Bae in sight. Vu has your back…Check out their Get Sweet and Social Mixer with live music and bubbly to make a new connection.

Forward this post to your girls and ask them “What are we wearing next Wednesday?!”. Tag me so I can see you get your Galentine’s Day on!

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