Chicago Auto Show Coverage: “Best of” 2019

Hey Mama Hey! I have received so many questions about the auto show. Who new y’all were so interested in cars!! When I think about it…. it totally makes sense. Most of us drive cars and we are in them a lot!!!! Driving from school to work to the grocery store to music class…a lot of our time with our little one are in our cars.

My first day of the show was spent with learning about their Best of Awards. We were walked around with the Editor in Chief , Jennifer Newman and Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder. What I enjoyed most was how they both spoke about the cars. There wasn’t a lot of technical jargon. They added it in when needed but most of the conversation was full of information I found interesting in terms I found easy to understand. So drumroll please…..Here are 5 categories of “Best of” for 2019. I have also added my two cents on each award below:

Luxury Car of the Year:Mercedes-Benz S-Class

This was the only car that was not at the show. Mercedes doesn’t bring in cars just their Sprinter Vans (which I could totally use to haul around all my Mama Fresh event stuff..IJS). The teams made it clear that the level of consistency is what locked in this award. The combination of technology and all around special touches when driving made this the winner. Jennifer test drove this on the Lake Shore Drive in the middle of rush hour traffic. If she was still relaxed and feeling luxurious through that…this has my vote!

Most Fun-to-Drive Car of the YearMazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata looks like it just pulled up from a Hollywood set. I was shocked how much leg room there was. I had plenty of room and Joe from is over 6ft and bragged that he drives it just fine. This was described as a “drivers car”. I totally get it. When you close the door the car literally wraps around you. When I looked back and saw no room for a car seat I kinda freaked out. Then I pictured myself cruising, top down, and I got over that quickly!

Family Car of the YearChrysler Pacifica

I am a city Mama!!! I live in Chicago proper. NOT the Greater Chicago Land Area. I parallel park most places I go. My son has taken public transportation multiple times already. City Kid. City Mama. Now that my reputation is in tact. CONFESSION: This minivan took my breath away. Foot swipe activated doors! WHAT? Built in entertainment system so kids can watch different shows, apps, on their own TVs! What! A stow and go vacuum built in! Okay take all of my money. This minivan has so many luxury and convenience features, I was ready to drive it off the lot.

Best Pickup Truck of 2019Ram 1500

This was the one I went back for. The one I texted to my husband. The one I fell in love with. The Ram 1500! When I think of pick up trucks, I think of country dirt roads. As soon as I opened this door this blew my preconceived ideas right out the window. The 12 inch touchscreen display is a show stopper. I thought I was inside a Tesla. The interior is so roomy and even more beautiful. The other feature that captured my heart was storage. Storage EVERYWHERE! Mamas with kids in tons of sports with equipment being hauled all over the city… you are going to swoon at all of the compartments. Mama Fresh the Pick Up Truck Driver. I like the sound of that!

Best of 2019Genesis G70

To be completely honest. I had never heard of the Genesis brand. As we walked over I kept my mind open and learned that this was a spin off of Hyundai. This is not the Hyundai Accent you drove in high school. This car is clearly in a league of its own. The body design is SLICK. The designer is formally of Audi. It turns out that is the story with a lot of the features of the Genesis. The design roster reads like an Avengers cast. Top talented from some of your favorite luxury brands have come over to Genesis and this unique combination is what sets it apart. Even with all of the luxury and style the all in price tag is still thousands less than some of the more recognizable brands. This is the for the buyer that wants luxury but not caught up in labels. *cues “Thank You, Next”*

That’s my run down. I was so surprised how much fun I had. Not only did I get a chance to get behind the scene with but I feel more confident as a consumer. There was one question I wondered through the tour..”How easy would it be to get a car seat in there?” I guess I am a Mama everywhere I go!

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*This post was Sponsored by A Girls Guide to Cars but all opinions are my own*

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  1. Great post! I had never heard of Genesis either. I’ll have to check it out at the show.

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