Mama Fresh Coffee Chat Series: Family Wellness

Hey Mama Hey! I am inviting you to an event I am hosting this Saturday, April 6th. It’s my Mama Fresh Coffee Chat Series, this Saturday we are discussing, Family Wellness.

We are raising strong, independent, curious children. We are doing all of this while placing value on ourselves and our family as a unit. We want to be an example for our little ones to be kind and have respect for each other and yourself. True family wellness. But how?

I was raised in a household where children were to be seen but not heard. When my Mama said “Because I said so”, that was a complete sentence. I can’t even imagine how my son with his 1 million questions would have survived with our 1980s family dynamics. I want Q to question the world, the system and yep that even includes me. When he asks me questions it gives me a chance to have an open conversation, to understand his point of view and for him to know I always have his best interest in mind. No, he doesn’t get to be disrespectful but yes, he does get to have a voice.

How do we raise these little leaders? Intentional parenting when it’s the opposite of how we grew up? The answer is we use each other as resources.

Saturday I am hosting a Mama Fresh Coffee Chat about Family Wellness. I am partnering with

  • Nubia Henderson of Kids Jamm will lead us in conversation about “Raising Intentional Children”.

  • Josh Mercer of the Mercer Agency is equipping us with us about information about “Investing in Protecting Your Family”
  • And myself: Jenny LeFlore of Mama Fresh empowering you to use your most valuable resource as a parent: “Your Parent Village”
  • Nubia and Josh are both parents of little ones and are bringing us information from their experience in their respectful careers combined with hands on knowledge of what it takes to show up as the best parent you can.

    Mama Fresh Coffee Chats are an interactive sharing event. A chance for me to really sit and chop it up with Fresh Families. To make sure we are able to make personal connections, this event is limited to the first 20 families. RSVP here and join us at Ain’t She Sweet Cafe in Beverly for this community building event. This edition of Mama Fresh Coffee Chat Series is sponsored by The Mercer Agency so we are happy to bring you this event FREE with your RSVP.

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