Why I took a break from blogging

I owe you an explanation.  I have become the blogless blogger. It has been over a month since I have written to you. My bad. I am truly sorry. This is why: Instagram is where I post pictures and even kiki on IG stories. Facebook is where I share articles. Let you know about events. But HERE. This platform right HERE. This is where I really get to take time and “talk” to you. Be transparent. That is why I am glad I am back.

Why was I gone? Sis, what happened?

Life. There is no pretty answer to this. I was so busy these few weeks that I haven’t made my own blog a priority. In the last month I have

  • Taken Mama Fresh out of state
  • Had my first sponsored TV appearance
  • Sat on 3 amazing panels speaking to women entrepreneurs and parents 
  • Hosted the kids stage at the Silver Room Block Party 
  • Moderated a major platform conversation here in Chicago
  • Worked with a DREAM brand
Mama Fresh in St. Louis
My appearance in The Jam

Spoke on a panel about raising culturally aware kids

Hosting kids stage at Silver Room Block Party
Chicago Ideas Platforms in the Park

Brand partnership with Target

Y’all, it has been lit. Mama Fresh is growing in ways I could have never imagined. With that said. I have missed THIS. My space to share with you. I am glad to be back.

Mamas, I’m back!

The days of neglecting my own platform has ended. You can look forward to seeing me more here. Going forward I am going to use this blog to give you insight on what’s REALLY going on. This will be the behind the scenes, not only to Mama Fresh as a brand but what is going on with me personally. This week I am going to catch you up. There are some major changes I have made in my life that have helped with my productivity and peace of mind.  This week I will tell you more about my new workout routine and tell you why I am committed even though I am really “bad” at it. I will share about how finding a church for ObieQ and I has not only grounded my week but my life. Mom hacks, I am also going to share the mom hack that has high key freed up so much time for me and made me a happier Mama and wife. 

You’re a Real One

Thank you. Thank you for rocking with me during this disappearance act. Thank you for giving me grace and knowing my heart is with you, even when I wasn’t popping up in your inbox. It feels good to be reunited. 

And YES…your Freshly Picked Events will be back this Friday. I have read your DM’s, and emails, and comments, and text messages. I am listening and am happy to give you the info you need to get out and explore the city with your family. 

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