Back to School-Baby Soul Jam

Who is ready to JAM!!!!!! Of course I mean BABY SOUL JAM!!!

Chicago’s most lit family dance party is happening THIS Saturday.

Click here & Buy your tickets today

If you are new around here and never heard of Baby Soul Jam let me clue you in! A little over a year ago I partnered with Keewa of Kido Chicago and we decided to bring family programming to the South Side like no one had seen. We wanted a DJ, we wanted live entertainment, we wanted other families that believed in the power of community just like us. We wanted a WHOLE VIBE. That is how Baby Soul Jam was born.

This Saturday is our Back to School Edition. Parents we want you to rep your school, neighborhood, Greek organization anything that tells us more about your story. We love seeing those little ones in T-shirts too so this is the perfect occasion for them to wear that shirt you brought back from Homecoming.

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday. Tickets are only $15 for adults and kids are free of course!

Click here & Buy your tickets today

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