A Love Note to “Hot Girl Summer”

Dear Hot Girl Summer,

I am writing to say Thank You. The last 3 months we have spent together have taught me so much about myself and, as summer has officially ended, I felt like I wanted to put my feelings down on paper to tell you how much you meant to me. 

Me reminiscing on my Hot Girl Summer

Let’s start at the beginning. We were introduced through Megan. I didn’t think we were a pair that would work. What did a late 30’s Mama like myself have in common with young stallions? I was worried I wasn’t cool enough. I didn’t have the look and more importantly the knees to endure a whole summer of being a Hot Girl. Megan tried to ease my worries. She said it was just about women being unapologetically themselves. I could do that right, right?

Little did I know that our relationship would give me a renewed sense of confidence I haven’t had in years. Being with you has taught me so much, but there are 3 things that I hold onto dearly.

Unapologetically being me…real Hot Girl Ish

If you make yourself a priority, everyone else will fall into line. 

A week or two after we decided to make it official, I had a heart to heart with my husband. I let him know it was getting pretty serious. I was dedicated to living my best life during this Hot Girl Summer. I thought he would give me pushback but he actually encouraged the change. I started asking for the time I needed. Our marriage and my son were both still at the top of my list, but at least now I was on the damn list! I discovered that I am over brunch but I LOVE late dinners. I started working out. I have had more Girls Nights Out this summer than I have in the past 3 years combined. It felt good great!

Y’all look at my pose. This was the height of the summer

I still got it…it just looks a little different. 

You reminded me that I am still LIT. I am still fun to hang out with. Maybe it doesn’t look the same as it did before I became a Mama, and that’s okay. Like so many other Mamas I spent the past 2 years trying to get BACK to the woman I was before I had ObieQ. Back to my old jeans size. Back to being able to take shots at the bar. Back to being “cool Jenny”.  Well you taught me a big lesson: “SHE GONE.” But, the new Jenny is fire! I bought a few key pieces of clothing in my new size. I walked with my head held high. I also started speaking positive words over and to myself. I embraced my glow and even posted a few IG photos were I was feeling myself. Official Hot Girl behavior!

That time I wore my husband’s shirt as a skirt…he still hasn’t forgiven me

So that brings me to my last point. I don’t want to let you go. 

Yesterday was the first official day of fall. I spent the day in yoga pants…don’t leave me yet. Will I be strong enough to carry my lessons into this new season? As I trade my gin & tonics for red wine, can I keep that same energy? (Note for later: Ask Darienne if you can “Drive the Boat” with boxed wine). Please keep in touch. Slide in my DMs every once in a while. Until then I have our playlists to keep me company. I’ll see you June 20th 2020.

Your Fav Hot Girl Mama, 


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