“Toys R Us Adventure” Opens in Chicago

“I don’t wanna grow up..I’m a Toy’s R Us Kid” just reading those words should bring a smile to your face. You can imagine the joy I felt when I received an email inviting ObieQ and I to the new interactive playland “Toys R Us Adventure”. There weren’t a lot of details listed. Just an address and a time. They promised us an amazing time. 

Spoiler Alert: They kept their promise!

Front entrance into Toys R Us Adventure

Toys R Us Adventure is similar to other explore room to room types events in the city. What makes it unique, is the partnership between the classic Toys R Us we all grew up with new school wonderland of Candytopia. Here, parents get to get it in the fun. In each room I was able to be a part of the experience. Wind tunnels, zip lining, ball pit… I did it all WITH my kid.   It was a game changer. 

The Deets: 

  • Opens today Thursday Oct 24th – End of Jan

  • Tickets are $28 for adults; $20 for kids 4-12; 3 and under are free 

  • There are 8 rooms. Each with their own experience

  • You should plan to spend about an hour but there is no one rushing you. You can go at your own pace

  • Geoffrey the Giraffe is on site and ready for pics and hugs 

  • There is a gift shop with souvenirs and toys right from ToysRUs.com, available for purchase

  • There is a massive Ball Pit. You read that right MASSIVEGeoffrey giving out hugsMy son with Geoffrey the Giraffe and my son

There are 3 rooms that we couldn’t get enough of:

Melissa & Doug Room:

This was the first room that really let us know we were in store for magic. When the curtain went up ObieQ screamed “WOAHHH.” He ran around in circles. He didn’t know where to start, the giant pizza or the slide or the see saw? Well he did it ALL. A highlight was the giant version of the cleaning set we have at home. Seeing these familiar toys on a different scale really got ObieQ’s imagination going!

Melissa & Doug room at Toys R Us Adventure

Mother & Son in Melissa & Doug room

Paw Patrol Room

Paw Patrol is top dog in our house right now. If it wasn’t enough to have a full size look out tower, there was the way you entered the room. Via zip line! Everyone in our crew took their turn. Myself, ObieQ and even Geoffrey. ObieQ was in heaven. He had a chance to be Ryan and call the Paw Patrol. There is a fire truck in the corner so he hopped inside and turned into Marshall. All while the Paw Patrol music was pumping in the background.

Kid on top of the Paw Patro lookout tower

3 Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf

This room was my favorite for ObieQ because it organically put in practice so many things we are working on at home. Teamwork, we worked together to build a house that could stand up to the wind of the Big Bad Wolf. A chance to put his 5 critical thinking skills into play. (Which supplies should we use to build the strongest house? How can I help you? Etc) When The Big Bad Wolf attempts to blow our house down it is a wind. It was a chance to see his work in action,

Honorable Mention: The Jungle Room

The Finale

The final experience you will visit is the ball pit. This is the largest ball pit I have ever seen. Your kids are going to love it. You will be there forever. You will basically move in so make sure to forward your Amazon packages

Final Verdict: Definitely worth the visit. This is a place you can breathe easy because your kid can do what they do best, be a kid. ObieQ knocked over a display and no one blinked. The simply helped him pick it up. It’s great be in a place where you can switch your usual “Don’t touch anything!” To “Go and Explore!”

It’s also official. I don’t wanna grow up.. I am a Toys R Us kid once again!

The pop up is here through the holidays. As temps drop, this is a great outing as a treat. Visit here for ticket prices. Make sure you tag me in your stories. I would love to see you and your family.

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