Family Events for MLK Day in Chicago

*In my Stevie Wonder voice* “Happy Birthday to Ya!…For in our hearts we sing. Thanks to Martin Luther King.”

Monday is the MLK Holiday and if you are reading this blog you want to the day more than just another day off school. I remember when Q was 3.5 months I searched for any programming for MLK. Something to take my little guy to, where he could experience  culture. This was also pre Mama Fresh, so I was thirsty to meet other parents who valued exposing their kids to events that celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I had nothing. I was exhausted from working and being a new Mama. I didn’t want to research. I just wanted someone to tell me where to go.

——-> Well Mama, here I am! <———- 

Your guide to MLK Day Celebrations in Chicago. You’re welcome.

  1. Kido Celebrates MLK Day! 11a-12:30p

Event description: Join Kido as they pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a big way!

Mama Fresh two cents: Keewa does such an amazing job in curating events for the store. This is the perfect event if you are going to do ONE event for the day. Singing, dancing, spoken word, storytelling they will have it all. ObieQ and I will be in the house, so I am going to tell you like I am telling myself. Get there early.  This free event is going to bring out the crowd. 

Cost: Free with RSVP

2. Super Heroic” Family Day on MLK Day @ Museum of Science + Industry 

Event description: On MLK Day, MSI celebrates the official opening of Black Creativity with Family Day. Super Heroic CEO and Black Creativity Innovator Jason Mayden will lead kids in making their own superhero identities.

Mama Fresh two cents: For families with older kids this is a must do. It’s hands on, including so many activities. This is like 2 events in one. Making your own superhero ids with Jason Mayden AND you get first look at the Black Creativity exhibit. 

Cost: Included in Museum Admission 

3. What does it mean, Dr. King” Chicago Children Museum 4 performances

Event description: What was the Civil Rights Movement and what does it mean for kids today? Take a journey back in time and learn about freedom through our interactive musical drama.

Mama Fresh two cents: With the 1 hour running time, this is the perfect length for ages 4 and up. Use this as a conversation starter with your little ones. You sing along with freedom songs and hear the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. This is a great way for history to come alive. 

Cost: Included in Museum Admission 

4. MLK “Freedom Friday” Celebration Hyde Park Arts Center 11-4p

Event description: Join Hyde Park Art Center for an afternoon celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a series of workshops, performances and film!

Mama Fresh two cents: This is the perfect event to drop in at your own schedule. No matter what time you show up there is something cool going on. Since this is right in our backyard, I want to stop in to have our family photo taken. 

5. King Day Festival Art Institute of Chicago 

Event description: Celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and create a vision for the future guided by artists and activists at work today.

Mama  Fresh two cents: I have heard so many great things about this event. Especially for families who have kids across age ranges. Music and dance performances to keep the attention of your littles and create your own art for your older kiddos. 

6. FIVE Museums are offering FREE admission 

Mama Fresh two cents: This is such amazing treat for Chicago families.  Adler Planetarium, Chicago History Museum, Field Museum, Museum, Shedd Aquarium.  All are offering free admission to Illinois Families!

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