How I Find Instagrammable Locations on Vacation

Hey Mama Hey! Last weekend we escaped the cold with a trip to Atlanta. We hung out with our adorable nieces, saw family from both sides and I even fit in a lunch with a Mama friend. As usual, I brought everyone along in my IG stories. The questions I received the most was 

“How did you find these cool spots for pictures? I have been to Atlanta a million times and never seen that.”

You ask… I answer! In this post I will break down the way I find the coolest spots for pics. It does involve some research but at the end it is all worth it.  Your IG will be on fire and you will have a memory worth framing.

First of all let’s look at some receipts. These are all pics taken on family trips. None taken by professional photographers.  All taken with an iPhone.

Here are the 5 steps that will lead to you getting your best vacation pics.

    Do your research!

This starts as a simple Google search. 

“Most instagrammable places in [insert city here]”

There will be tons of articles that gives you options. Often super cute influncers standing in front of walls. They are fake laughing, drinking iced coffee, wearing sunglasses. Before you roll your eyes, because I know that’s what you are on, jot down the address. After Google, check Pinterest. We want to cover all of our bases.There is a new app, you should absolutely download, Depalo. Though it’s limited to just a few cities. This free app serves as a location scout to help you find the best photo ops. 

  • Make a plan 

Make a plan 

When you have your list, plug them into Google Maps and create a list. This is your treasure map for your afternoon of photo hunting. Grab a chai, throw on your favorite playlist. With the combination of caffeine and Lizzo, you are ready to make some magic.

  • Start where you are

Don’t stress about having a fancy camera or having a professional photographer tag along everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, both of those are dope if you have them BUT we aren’t going to let that stop us! If you have a smartphone then you are halfway there. Shoot early in the day so you can catch great light. You shoot your friend and then you switch. Auto timer to take pics together. If you are looking for a tip to help with your smartphone photography: Clean your lense.. BOOM that’s better already.

  • Know your lane

I have 3 poses I can go right away. “The Walk” “The Lookaway” and my favorite “The Cackle Laugh”. This helps me get comfortable. I also do lots of dancing and ask my friend just to keep shooting. I am not comfortable enough to smize right at the camera, that’s not me. I get comfortable in my own skin and let my personality shine.

Treat this as a treat, not a chore 

Remember to have fun. You are not supermodel status (yet) so no need to stress. Use this as a fun way to explore a new city or to give a fresh look on your own! I spent the whole afternoon with my 18yo cousin. We talked and laughed the entire time. The pics are cool but it’s the experience of hanging with her that are my favorite memories.

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