My Fast from Social Media is the Best Thing I have Done

Peace out social media!

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means it was my day off. A day off from all social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even my guilty pleasure TikTok. I also abstain from shopping on Amazon on Tuesdays. *FAINTS*. Each week when I log back in, I get questions. People want to know WHY am I doing this every week. Is it hard to do? So many Mamas say they are thinking about doing the same. I wanted to give you more information on why this is the best decision I have made in a long time.

This all started six weeks ago when my church, City Point Community Church, launched a new initiative, 22 Tuesdays. My Pastor presented this as an opportunity to combine activism with faith. We would each choose our individual thing to fast from, join together for prayer at noon, and lean on each other for support. We are praying for new leadership in our country, specifically our president. The 22nd Tuesday is Election Day Nov 3rd.

When I first heard the word fast I thought back to my attempts at Lent fasting. I would give up things like pop or bread. You know, things that were really tied to vain things Iike me losing weight. This time I was challenged to think of abstaining from something that would allow me to spend more time with God. That is when I thought of giving up social media.

Spending time with the boys. More dance parties. Less TikTok

3 reasons I needed a social media break

  1. Comparison. I look at Mamas with beautiful clean houses, then I look at the hot wheels parking garage that is on my rug. I start doubting my capacity to “handle it all”
  2. Zone Out. I post on IG maybe 4 times a day. One post and a few stories. However, I spend hours scrolling. Toggling between this and Facebook. I am really just looking for a way to zone out. Let my mind not focus on my never ending to do list. My new thing is TikTok. I barely post but in my head I am constantly running choreography from the latest dance trend. (So now if you hear me mumbling “Classy, bougie, ratchet…” under my breath, you know why!)
  3. Analytics. If you have an iPhone you receive a screen time report. Chile…. that number SHOCKED me! They had to be looking at someone else’s phone. Maybe combining me AND my husband’s phone. There had to be something up. There is no way that could be all me. I will NOT share that number here, but y’all, something had to give.
This is what our Tuesdays look like. Nature Walks

What are some changes I have seen already? Instead of reaching for my phone in the morning to scroll a bit before ObieQ wakes up, I meditate or do a devotional bible plan. My day is way more productive. I respond back to emails in minutes. I am so thirsty to interact. Y’all I mean I am QUICK. This has had a positive this has helped my business. Correspondence that would normally take days is wrapped up in hours. What’s the “down side”? I listen to approximately 2,384 toddler jokes a day! ObieQ talks my ear off y’all. He makes up songs. He leads dance parties. He asks so many questions. An example from yesterday was “Would a squirrel-shark live in a tree or in an ocean?” Even this drawback is a win. ObieQ’s days as an only child are coming to a close. I am treasuring these 1:1 moments.

It started with my church family

Will I continue this after our 22Tuesdays are over. Absolutely! The most valuable lesson this has taught me is about creating boundaries. I am open and honest with brands and tell them I don’t post on Tuesdays because it’s my break day. Instead of them pushing back, they respect my boundaries and look at me as a proactive planner. I thought this would be my biggest hurdle and it hasn’t been one at all. I have started looking forward to Tuesdays. It has become a version of Self Care.

Is this for everyone? I don’t know. But I think you should try one day. One day next week where you unplug for a bit and focus on staying present. One day when you look at old photobooks for Throwback Thursday instead of posting a picture. One day when you plan a date with your partner and become your own #RelationshipGoals. Try it and report back to me!

*If you are interested in joining my church community for 22Tuesdays, text 22Tuesdays to 64600 and it’s that easy.

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