intention. Intention. INTENTION. I have said this word more in the last four months than I have in my entire life. Intention is the name of my candle I created with Bright Endeavors. It launches today at 9am. You can purchase your own here

You know this candle is important to me if I am dusting off my blogging skills! If you follow me on social media or if we are friends IRL you have seen the videos, the pictures, heard me brag on the amazing production assistants that. To say that I am thrilled about this launch is an understatement. Even as I type this, it’s 2:30a…I can’t sleep…Netflix is keeping company (Clickbait-have you seen it). It’s like Christmas Eve over here.

Today is the day at 9am CST


This limited-edition candle was curated specifically with you in mind. From the inception to distribution, every part of this project was influenced by women. We poured our love and energy into this candle so that you can take an intentional moment and remember all you offer the world. We hope you feel valued and loved. Pouring into moms is at the heart of our mission, thank you for joining us.

-Jenny x Bright Endeavors

Intention Candle

Top Notes: Bulgarian Lavender | Sea Salt

Middle Notes: Jasmine | Orchid

Base Notes: Tonka Bean

  • 9oz Glass, burn time, 35 hours
  • Made in Chicago, USA
  • Proceeds support the young moms who create this candle
  • Made with soy wax & phthalate-free fragrance

Thank you for supporting this journey. Months ago I set an intention and today it’s coming true. I am thankful

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  1. The ad, packaging , presentation are simply elegant. Got my 2 today at 9:09 AM. SO VERY PROUD OF YOU 👏

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