About-More about the Mama behind MamaFresh

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I was born, nutured, met my husband and now raising my son here. For 15 years I was a mover and shaker in Chicago’s retail and fashion world. I have managed some of your favorite stores, from Michigan Ave to boutiques in the trendiest neighborhoods. I loved working for small brands and learning as much as I could from enterprising businesswomen.

All of that studying paid off this year as I launched my personal project:

Mama Fresh. 

Mama Fresh Chicago was born out of a need of community and resources at your fingertips. As a new mom, I spent hours combing various social media pages, websites and new-mom group texts to find activities for me and my son ObieQ. Mama Fresh is for  “women about town”. Before we became Mamas we were brunching on rooftops, attending a speaking engagement of our favorite author, dancing in the front row at a concert. We don’t want our lives to change, just evolve!  After having your baby, you don’t have to go into hiding and we are here to help you.  We are creating a movement! We are building a community!

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