Hey Mama Hey!!!!!! It’s Friday and I have a jam packed weekend up for you and your little ones. We are still loving this unseasonably mild January weather. So we will be out and about this weekend and no the threat of snow won’t stop us! My pick of theContinue Reading

Let me set the scene: It’s Monday morning. The sun is shining. It’s a warm 35 degrees here in Chicago. I am feeling like a winner. ObieQ and I are at school on time. He looks handsome and we managed to get out the house without one meltdown. We literallyContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! After my last post my comments, DMs, and email was blowing up. There was one question that I received over and over again: Mama Fresh, do you know where we can find a brown santa? Mama Fresh, are there any Black Santas in Chicago? Mama Fresh, whereContinue Reading