Hey Mama Hey!!!! Did you watch? Tell me…did you DVR, watch it live or catch the clip on Facebook? I am talking about my 4min & 55secs of fame, Mama Fresh on Windy City Live! How did I get this opportunity? For my Mama Fresh OG’s you might remember IContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey!!!!! It’s about time for another Mama Fresh Meet Up! These meet ups are so great because they give me time to hang out, chat and take fire selfies with you…the Fresh Mamas! Remember these meet ups are for the entire family. Papa Fresh will be in theContinue Reading

Dear Summer, Please don’t go. We have had so much fun hanging out with you but there is still so much for us to do. Stay around a little longer will you? Love, Mama Fresh Hey Mama Hey! I am sitting here with my windows open and a fall breezeContinue Reading