Hey Mama Hey!!!!! It’s the last weekend before Labor Day, which means we are going to squeeze every moment out of these last few days of summer. Today I have 11 events happening over this weekend. Everything from watching stars in the park to storytime on the South Side. ObieQContinue Reading

Black women breastfeed too. Let me say it again for the people in the back: 🗣Black women breastfeed too. August 25th- August 31st is Black Breastfeeding Week. This week was created 7 years ago to help close the racial disparity in breastfeeding. Black women breastfeed 17% less than white mothers.Continue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! Happy Friday… This week’s round up of events is a little light. This weekend the focus is hanging out with Dad and all the Dad figures in our life. That is my pick of the week. Whatever you do, do it together. This is a time toContinue Reading