Hey Mama Hey! Happy New Year to you and your little ones. I am all out of sorts during this week between Christmas and the New Year. I have NO idea what day of the week it is and ObieQ’s schedule is thrown all the way off, due to lateContinue Reading

Links for the Events in the video!!! Can’t wait to see you out and about! Mama Fresh New Year Playdate: Click Here for New Year New Friends RSVP Mama Fresh Pajama Storytime RSVP:  Storytime Link Sod Room RSVP: Click Here for Sod Room NYE

Hey Mama Hey! Happy Monday! It’s a new week. New beginnings. I want you to be fired up about the week so I present to you inspiration from your fellow Mamas. You are going to love this weeks #MCM. It’s a Mama you have heard mentioned and seen in myContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! I am trying something different. As you know, on Facebook and Instagram I share my “Mama Freshly Picked Events”.  I got the feedback of  “Mama Fresh, I love you, BUT you are talking too fast and I want to know more about each event”. Well, when youContinue Reading

I discovered a DOPE market right in my own neighborhood of Bronzeville. Boxville is Chicago’s first street food market and shipping container mall. The market provides similar services you can find at other markets in the city but adds that vibe you can only catch in Bronzeville