My vision is for Mama Fresh to create and ignite a diverse community where Mamas are celebrated. I am here to empower Mamas to pack up their little ones and explore the city!

intention. Intention. INTENTION. I have said this word more in the last four months than I have in my entire life. Intention is the name of my candle I created with Bright Endeavors. It launches today at 9am. You can purchase your own here You know this candle is importantContinue Reading

I am pregnant. 5 months pregnant to be exact. It still feels crazy to share that with everyone. Last Wednesday I made the announcement that took me months to prepare. For some it was not a shock at all. My DMs were full of “I KNEW it” messages from Mamas.Continue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! It’s FRIDAY!!!! Which means I have you covered with your Freshly Picked Events for this weekend. This is your weekly round up of my favorite events from around the city. I hope this list helps you get out and explore your community and our beautiful city. SendContinue Reading

Every year right around Valentine’s Day, the Chicago Auto Show takes over the city. It’s the nation’s largest auto show and if you visit, you will see how serious they take their title. More than 1 million square feet of exhibit space and over 1,000 vehicles. The past few yearsContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! Happy Friday! Y’all loved the special MLK Freshly Picked Events so much I felt the need to bring back Freshly Picked Events. (Mamas around Chicago erupt in applause!). If you are new here….first of all WELCOME. Let me break down Mama Freshly Picked Events: I comb throughContinue Reading