Hey Mama Hey! If you have made your way here on the blog you have already seen my Instagram post sharing a few Juneteenth events for Chicago families. The response I received from that post was 5xs my usual posts. The shares, saves, comments and even DM’s all let meContinue Reading


My vision is for Mama Fresh to create and ignite a diverse community where Mamas are celebrated. I am here to empower Mamas to pack up their little ones and explore the city!

intention. Intention. INTENTION. I have said this word more in the last four months than I have in my entire life. Intention is the name of my candle I created with Bright Endeavors. It launches today at 9am. You can purchase your own here You know this candle is importantContinue Reading

I am pregnant. 5 months pregnant to be exact. It still feels crazy to share that with everyone. Last Wednesday I made the announcement that took me months to prepare. For some it was not a shock at all. My DMs were full of “I KNEW it” messages from Mamas.Continue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! It’s FRIDAY!!!! Which means I have you covered with your Freshly Picked Events for this weekend. This is your weekly round up of my favorite events from around the city. I hope this list helps you get out and explore your community and our beautiful city. SendContinue Reading