Hey Mama Hey! Happy Friday Mama. It’s a snowy day here in Chicago and I have to admit, its SO pretty. When ObieQ woke up this morning I took him to the window to see the flakes falling and he was impressed. My 1yo is a wild child and couldContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey!  Happy Monday! This Mama Crush Monday has become my most popular blogpost. It’s something about reading about another Mama and her journey that has really resonated with you. This make me so excited because this builds up our community and that is what Mama Fresh is allContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! I am trying something different. As you know, on Facebook and Instagram I share my “Mama Freshly Picked Events”.  I got the feedback of  “Mama Fresh, I love you, BUT you are talking too fast and I want to know more about each event”. Well, when youContinue Reading

As ObieQ’s first birthday approached instead of high fiving myself on everyone being alive…I found myself scrolling the rabbit hole of websites: Pinterest! Everyone was asking Mama that is fancy AF: “What are you doing for his birthday?” Me: “Pouring myself a glass a wine to Congratulate myself” Mama thatContinue Reading