Hey Mama Hey! Happy Friday… This week’s round up of events is a little light. This weekend the focus is hanging out with Dad and all the Dad figures in our life. That is my pick of the week. Whatever you do, do it together. This is a time toContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey!!! Y’all are serious about these Spring/Summer weekends! Last week’s Freshly Picked Events was my most read recap in a long time. I think the warm weather has motivated Mamas to get out! This weekend is packed with fests and events that stretch over both days. ObieQ andContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! Congrats! You made it through the week. Everyone is still alive. I am proud of you. You are winning! We have a 3 day weekend in front of us so you need to plan some activities before these kids drive you crazy, Can I show you whatContinue Reading

Hey Mama Hey! It’s Thursday so get ready for a throwback: My senior prom picture. Your eyes are failing you. That’s Papa Fresh! In 1998 we dressed to the nines, danced all night and took classic pics like this one. Prom memories are special and last a lifetime. So let’sContinue Reading